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H.E.L.P. is a non-profit, no kill, no cage animal shelter. We are located at at 4008 N. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89130 U.S.A  tel: 725-378-8360.  Our Nationwide H.E.L.P. Office is also located at 4008 N. Decatur Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89130. This web site is available to answer common questions that the public may have regarding pet adoption, our facilities and our mission. At our FAQ’s page you will find useful answers and information to help you decide what pet is right for you and what you should know before you decide to adopt. Once you have gone through our FAQ’s you can move on to our Adopt a Pet Page where you are sure to fall in love with one of our many pets.

We can also help people with found or lost pets. To go to America’s National Lost & Found Pet Database, please click here.

It is imperative that you spay and neuter your pets, so for free or low cost spaying and neutering in Arizona, please click here . For low cost spaying and neutering in Las Vegas, Nevada, please click here.  For low cost or free spaying and neutering in other states, please click here.  To view our Adopt A Pet Page please click here .

There are so many reasons why you should adopt an animal from our non-profit, no-kill, no-cage animal shelter. These pets that are at our shelter have literally been saved from being killed. We will tell you all about the pet you wish to adopt and all the pets will have current vaccinations and have been spayed or neutered if they are more than six months of age. What’s more, our adoption fees are low and we have a policy that you can return your adopted pet to us at any time and we will gladly accept them with open arms. We are also available to answer any questions concerning your animal at anytime.

We have many animals available for adoption, as well as feral animals that we have spayed and neutered that are un-adoptable. We are in desperate need of your continuing donations so these animals can be well fed and cared for. Food, shelter and medical expenses are very costly and the animals depend on your love and care. Truthfully, in order to survive we need your H.E.L.P. in the form of donations. We are desperately in need of EVERYTHING from food, cash, grants, bequests, cars, boats, land etc. More importantly, we need volunteers to accompany our pets to Pets-Mart and Supermarkets and other places to get them adopted as well as to foster pets.

If you or your friends have pets that you cannot keep for any reason whatsoever but they are healthy and easily adoptable, you may add your pet to our Adopt A Pet page by submitting your info and a photo when you click here. We always try to conform to your requests but we reserve the right to deny any and all of your requests and to edit or reject any or all text and photos to conform to our standards. Ad will remain on our site for a minimum of 30 days unless removal is requested. We will also post the information to our Facebook Page.

In order to raise donations, H.E.L.P. has created a Virtual Memorial Online website, so that all people who love their pets but have lost them will now have an opportunity to have them remembered forever.   If you give us contact information including your email address and telephone number, we will be pleased to make up a beautiful pet memorial for your dearly departed pet at no cost, no obligation which will be posted on the Virtual Memorial Online website as well as the Facebook page. To visit our Virtual Memorial Online website which has beautiful memorials of loving  pets and people please click here and you will be amazed at how beautiful our memorial website is.

We pray that you will give us a continuous  donation by memorializing your dearly departed pets at If you prefer to give a one time donation, please go to our secure donation page by clicking the link at the top of every page on this site or click here.

Our pets will also be forever grateful to you for your interest in them. All that our animals want is someone to love and care for them. When you extend your compassion to one of God’s creatures it will make YOU FEEL SO GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF!

16 Responses to Help Elevate Life for Pets

  1. Lisa Princko says:

    My 4 cats were stolen by Christine Williams. Call me if these cats come into your community flame point Siamese.. male…orange and white long hair 12 yrs old..three of the four have microchip but I haven’t registered those chips..two female cats brown tiger one with white bib checkers and Bella please call me at 7023314010×257

  2. Rebecca Edwards says:

    One of our dogs got out of our yard last night around 4:15 and we looked for him. Some girls who live nearby said they saw someone in a black vehicle pick him up. He is a chihuahua, white, and shaved. If soneone brings him to you our ohone number is 7026069096.

  3. Sindy says:

    My dog Sparky was lost on 9/25/18 and was last seen around 4007 Pleasant Rd in Las Vegas. He is light brown and has a white chest. He is 1 and a half year old. He has long nails and can’t walk as well on his left back leg. He did not have his collar on. If you see him please call us at (702)412-4933 or (702)708-0513 Thank you and we miss Sparky a lot a hope to find him.

  4. My moms black 12 year old large poodle got out on the 13th by lamb and Chicago ave on the east side of town there’s a reward for him if anyone sees him or finds him

  5. Virjen gonzalez says:

    I need to find a new home for my dog I work n I don’t have time for him n he is in my back yard by himself n that makes me sad so I wish I could find him a better home he is really friendly he is a pit bull

  6. Kayleigh Nelson says:

    Hi everyone, so i had posted an ad on craiglist for my pregnant cat to be fostered, i found who i thought i could trust and ended up letting her be the one who fosters her till she gives birth and weans the kittens, well throughout the months she rarely replied and told me she wasn’t recieving my messages. Last night i called again and she answered so i texted her saying if she doesnt give me an address im going to the cops, well she flips out and tells me shes not giving her back. what should i do? police probably wont do anything

  7. Rochelle A Smith says:

    Lost job im not to good anymore too keep my cat just want him to javecavsafe home ty

  8. Anthony Peden says:

    Hi my name is anthony. Iam looking for a chihuahua cho/jack Russell my number 702 833 0399

  9. Anthony Peden says:

    Thank you

  10. Gina L Bennett says:

    I want a Chihuahua.

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