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Do you have a pet you would like placed for adoption?  We offer match up by text. We have many good homes for family dogs, who are good with children and other pets. Please text a picture to 725-373-8360 along with your name and phone number, the age and description of the dog and anything else we need to know. Be sure to mention the age and gender of the dog as well as shots and whether or not they are fixed, or say that you don’t know.

If you would like to add your pet to this site.  Please click here to access the form which you may fill out to submit the info about your pet with a photo. We always try to conform to your requests but we reserve the right to deny any and all of your requests and to edit or reject any or all text and photos to conform to our standards. We do not accept responsibility for lost submissions. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to let us know when to remove your personal info so that people can no longer contact you.

If you are in a hurry and want more exposure than we can give you, please click on the blue button in the right side panel. Adopt-A-Pet will donate your entire fee to us when you use that referral button or mention our name as your referral.

Placement needed for Tigger, a Male Dog in Las Vegas, NV
Breed and description: MIXED BREED American Staffordshire Terrier
Age of pet: 2
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes
For more info, please call Triniti Parker at 702-781-4868 or email at

We adopted Tigger when he was about 1 and 4 months. He wasn’t nothing but skin and bone. He was abandoned as a pup, adopted and then sent right back to the Animal Foundation. Now sadly I have to give him up because the place we’re moving to doesn’t allow dogs. It breaks my heart, I love Tigger. He’s very sweet, energetic, smart, and extremely playful. He knows basic commands like sit and stay. He knows where to use the bathroom and he’s good when you take him for walks. He’s still young so he does get excited. He’s AMAZING with kids too. He plays with my nieces and nephew all the time who are 10, 6 and 2. They love him. I want to keep my buddy so bad, it breaks my heart to even write this, but I wanna find him a good home. Someone who likes to play but also likes to snuggle, because he loves to snuggle. He’s a great dog, please give him a chance.

Placement needed for Oscar, a Male Cat in Las Vegas
Breed and description: Short hair
Age of pet: 2
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes

He loves everyone and everything. Cats. Dogs. Birds. He grew
Up with a parrot and dog from birth. He uses the dog door to go outside to use the bathroom or littler box if he can’t get outside. He has 6 claws on 3 different paws

Placement needed for Koda, a Female Cat in Las Vegas, NV
Breed and description: Siamese/Maltese/Tabby. Mostly white with shades of gray. Striped tail. Blue eyes
Age of pet: 11yrs (April 24, 2008)
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes
For more info, please call Victoria at 702-688-2255 or email at

Koda tends to act out when their are other animals around. She’s more of a lone cat. In the previous years She’s lived with dogs and other cats but mostly stays away or fights with them.

She will pee on things that are left on the floor like, clothes, blankets, plastic bags, bags. If it smells dirty or like pee she will mark the area. As long as the area is cleaned she’ll just use her litter box. She also likes using the door frames as scratching posts. She is a Fur ball and you’ll take her everywhere you go. But aside from that she is quite loving and enjoys cuddling. She’ll sleep with you and put herself in between your legs. She might even try to hop in your lap while you go potty. She’s not a fan of belly rubs but she will let you pet her and she purrrrs.
I wish to find her a home with a loving family that’ll enjoy having her as a lap cat, doesn’t mind her hairballness, and has a less hectic and fast moving lifestyle than myself.
I have 2 jobs and im also expecting a baby. I’m not home as much to give her the attention she deserves. All I want is the best for her. Please help me find her a great home.

** Update: Miss Molly has been adopted **

Placement no longer needed for Miss Molly, a Female Dog in Las Vegas, NV
Breed and description: German Shepherd and Blood Hound
Age of pet: 8 months
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes
For more info, please call [Redacted]

She is house broken, crate trained and has been microchiped. She gets along with all animals and does great with kids also. She is playful and smart and a snuggler.
Due to an unfortunate event my husband and I had to relocate to a very small living space with no room for her to run and change jobs. We do not have the financial means or the time to give her a good home. Whatever family that chooses her will have a friend for life.


*Update* Jax has found his forever home!!!


Placement needed for Jax, a Male Dog in Las Vegas NV
Breed and description: American bulldog and Akita
Age of pet: 11 month
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes
For more info, please call [redacted]

I am allergic to my puppy. I tried keeping him to see I get immune to him for 8 month but my allergies got even worse.


Placement needed for Moyi, a Male Dog in Henderson, NV
Breed and description: German Shepherd

Age of pet: 2 years
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes
For more info, please call Wiladys Castillo at 7252075659 or email at

Hi. My Pet is very friendly and energetic. His food/stomach sensitivity may be a little overwhelming for he can only eat prescribed food.My Income has changed dramatically and I am forced to move to another apartment. Typically they ask for pet admission fee, plus rent it can from $300-$500 depending on the leasing. I am about to be evicted, and I do not have family in las vegas that can take care for him. I am heartbroken and desperate.

Placement needed for Kiki, a Female Cat in Las Vegas, Nevada
Breed and description: Domestic shorthair

Age of pet: 2
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes
For more info, please call Destiny at 702-534-8978 or email at

Hello I wanted my domestic shorthair girl cat to find a good home I’ve been very busy and wanted her to find a home that’s gives her the attention she needs. She’s good with other animals , and she’s very shy at first and lovable. And microchipped too . Had her for a long time and she is a very loyal cat.

Placement needed for Kenna, a Female Dog in North Las Vegas
Breed and description: Great Pyrenees
Age of pet: 7
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes
For more info, please call Diane Robbins at 7022746328 or email at

Kenna is 7yrs old, she is a really good dog, crate trained,(actually she loves her crate). She gets along well with other dogs, she has pretty much just been around my husband and I for most of her life. We are older now and live with my daughter with her 2 children and this is where the issue is. Kenna has been around my granddaughter who is nine but she understands that Kenna has her moods and sometimes does not want to be bothered. Now we have a new grandson who does not understand and Kenna is having to stay in our room a lot and not being able to be around my grandson because he wants to pull on her and I know that she will not react well and I don’t want to wait for something to happen for me to give her up.
I want her to be happy and enjoy her life and bless someone with her. She is very loving and just wants to be loved.

Placement needed for Chatha, a Female mix in Las Vegas , Nevada
Breed and description: German
Age of pet: 10 years
Shots: Yes
Fixed: No
For more info, please call Aylin Ramirez at 702-224-4178 or email at


Chatha is a really easy going dog. All she wants is a inside bed . She loves spending time with her owner. She actually gets a skip in her step when she’s out for a walk. Super nice to kids . Has all her shots. She has a heart condition so she can’t get spayed; however, she ain’t really a mating kinda dog . High standards . She doesn’t feel Comfortable going inside the house but she will if you don’t let her out! It’s best to have a doggy door. She’s actually really smart and probably would pick up the rhythm of things quickly. I love her but I can’t give her the attention she deserves. I just want someone to love her the way she’s love you. She’s kinda talkative so you’ll know if you are bugging her . Will wine to get her way. However she’s not aggressive . She will lose a fight so please don’t put her in a position with a aggressive dog.


Placement needed for Clyde, a Male Dog in North Las Vegas
Breed and description: Chihuahua
Age of pet: 10 months
Shots: Yes
Fixed: No
For more info, please call Brittney Pero at 7024698929 or email at

Good dog. Needs a lot of attention and we arent home enough. Knows how to use a doggie door and is potty trained.

Placement needed for Sparky, a Male Dog in Las Vegas
Breed and description: Shar Pei mix
Age of pet: 1
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes
Update: Sparky has been adopted!

Sparky was adopted as a a playmate for our older dog after she lost her buddy. Unfortunately they are not getting along and we need to find him a home as soon as possible. He is a wonderful 1yr old mix, neutered, UTD on vaccines and microchipped. He is crate trained, knows basic commands and is very well behaved. He has been great with our 10yr old daughter but had not been around kids that are younger. Not sure how he’d be with cats as we haven’t exposed him to cats.

Placement needed for Sage, a Female dog in Las Vegas, NV
Breed and description: husky
Age of pet: 10 months
Shots: Yes
Fixed: No
[contact info redacted because she has been adopted]

“Sage is potty-trained, she gets along very well with humans, dogs, and children. I am seeking a new home for her because I am a student and I don’t have that she deserves to dedicate to her care.”

Placement needed for Rocket, a Male Cat in Las Vegas
Breed and description: part mini munchkin and other part unknown
Age of pet: unknown
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes

For more info, please call Beatrice Conner at 702-807-9053 or email at
Blue Eyes. Shorter hair. Beautiful multi color markings. Very Very loving. Very Chill. Gets along with other cats and is just a joy. No trouble, just likes to be near his loved human.


Placement needed for Allie, a Cat in Oswego, IL
Breed and description: Female short hair
Age of pet: 12
*update* this cat is no longer available for adoption.

Can no longer keep her. Spayed and front declawed. Doesn’t like dogs or small children. Has lived with another female cat.

Placement needed for Precious, a Dog in Las Vegas
Breed and description: Bully Pit
Age of pet: 1 yrs old
For more info, please call Tonya Binns at 702-465-2364 or email at

Placement needed for Luie, a Dog in Las Vegas
Breed and description: Australian herder German shepherd mix
Age of pet: 2
For more info, please call Rebekah wheeler at 702-470-4514 or email at

Placement needed for Diesel, a Dog in Las Vegas
Breed and description: Pit bull
Age of pet: 4
For more info, please call Joey [contact info removed]

Good dog. Had to down size to an apartment and there isn’t enough room.

*update: this dog has been adopted*

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