Placement needed for Brandi, a Cat in Las Vegas
Breed and description: Calico
Age of pet: 8
For more info, please call Dana Hinricks at 720-480-7289 or email at

This was my parents cat, unfortunately they have passed away and I then inherited her. I am allergic to cats so I can’t keep her. She is a very sweet, loving cat and still likes to play even though she’s no longer a kitten. I believe she has a chip, which I assume the vet could change the information in the chip. Anyway, she’s great company and I want her to have a good loving home. She is ok with other cats, although she is an only pet, she encounters other cats outside who hang out sometimes. She is mainly an indoor cat who likes to go outdoors once a day for a bit. She is afraid of dogs and hasn’t had but two encounters with dogs. She might gain trust of any dog you might have over time, but I can’t say for sure. I think a no dog household would be best for her. If you have a lot of love and attention to give her, please consider adopting her as she will a great and loving companion. Thank you, Dana.