Placement needed for Chatha, a Female mix in Las Vegas , Nevada
Breed and description: German
Age of pet: 10 years
Shots: Yes
Fixed: No
For more info, please call Aylin Ramirez at 702-224-4178 or email at

Chatha is a really easy going dog. All she wants is a inside bed . She loves spending time with her owner. She actually gets a skip in her step when she’s out for a walk. Super nice to kids . Has all her shots. She has a heart condition so she can’t get spayed; however, she ain’t really a mating kinda dog . High standards . She doesn’t feel Comfortable going inside the house but she will if you don’t let her out! It’s best to have a doggy door. She’s actually really smart and probably would pick up the rhythm of things quickly. I love her but I can’t give her the attention she deserves. I just want someone to love her the way she’s love you. She’s kinda talkative so you’ll know if you are bugging her . Will wine to get her way. However she’s not aggressive . She will lose a fight so please don’t put her in a position with a aggressive dog.