Placement needed for Cher (?) I just named her that, a Cat in Las Vegas Nevada
Breed and description: Calico
Age of pet: 2 ?
For more info, please call Laurie Shay at 702-493-0350 or email at

My neighbor who lived downstairs from me, moved and left this little cat to fend for itself. I was feeding her. I felt sorry for her, so I took her to my vet, got her spayed, and her shots. She is a cutie. But I am unable to take her in. I am keeping her in my spare bedroom for the time being. I have an older cat with health issues, and its getting very tense here. I am afraid to take her to the animal pound, because I am afraid she would be put down. I just need to find her a home ASAP. Please if you can help me find her a home, I would be forever grateful. I can bring her vet papers and rabies tag as well. She is tri-colored, orange black and white.