Placement needed for Chippy a Cat in Peoria
breed and description: Siamese Mix
age of pet: 5.5 years
For more info, please call Veronica Luna at 360-420-6620 or email at

I have a 5 year old cat named Chippy, that needs a good loving adult home. Chippy is very entertaining and loving. However, she does need to be the only feline in the house and does not do well with children as she’s never really been around any. I rescued her from the pound when she was 6 months old. She is now about 5.5 years old. She’s been such a joy and has been with me from WA. She’s always been an indoor cat, but I think she would thrive as an inside/outside cat as well-of course, with some training because I know she would run off right away. I do not want to see her go but, I do not get to spend time with her the way I used to or want to. And that’s just not fair to her at all.
She will do well with adults-again, no small children or big dogs. I have a half min-pin/chihuahua mix and they were/are the bestest friends.
Please someone give her a good home. She really deserves it.