Placement needed for Jack a dog in Laveen, AZ
breed and description: Shih tzu
age of pet: 5 years
For more info, please call Laurie Enqguist at 602-237-2408 or email at Laurieengquist@gmail.com

Jack is neutered and up to date on his vaccines. He has had some personality issues in the past from a puppy, very shy, shakes when introduced to new situations, or people and hates riding in the car to the groomers. Although he gets along well with our Shihtzu-Bischon mix dog (female), he has recently become extremely aggressive with our boxer-mix (male) and they have had two very severe altercations which resulted in injuries to Jack. We now have to keep them completely separate. One has to be kenneled when the other is out and vice versa – including separate walks. Because of the severity of the aggression, we are seeking to find a rescue that will help us find Jack a home where he can be loved and cared for in the safest and best suited environment for him. We cannot risk another violent encounter, and because Jack is always the initiator, we feel he must be placed in a new home that will suit his temperment. He has also expressed aggressive behavior with small children so we have to keep him kenneled whenever children are in our home. We are also in the process of being licensed for foster care and the danger of aggression with a small child placed in our home is also a concern. Jack does well with my husband and I and our teen daughter. so perhaps a home with adults may be best. We do not wish to surrender Jack to a shelter and desire to work with a rescue to find him a home. Please let us know if you can help. Thank you