Placement needed for Jake a dog in Tempe, AZ
Breed and description: Rottweiler, small for breed, seems pure as well
Age of pet: approx. 2yrs
For more info, please call Amber Philo at (904) 315-6659 or email at aphilo@asu.edu

I recently acquired a dog from some homeless people. They had set his face on fire and then let him loose into a busy intersection because they didn’t want him anymore. Needless to say I took him without questions asked. He was neutered when I took him in and I took him to the vet to fix up his face and get his shots and heart worm check. He is doing much better, heart worm negative, and is probably the most joyful dog I have ever had, despite his abusive background. The only problem with this lovely picture is that 1) I and my partner are both full-time students and workers. 2) Our apartment won’t allow this breed. We have been barely able to make our schedules fit in order to take care of him and that is with trying to dodge the management because one look at this dog and we would probably get evicted.

Before taking him from the homeless people they had mentioned his name was Jake, and he responds very well to that. He is house trained but would probably do well with a back yard seeing as he is still a puppy with a lot of energy, (vet placed him at no more than 2yrs). He does well with verbal commands, he knows sit, stay , no, outside, inside, and is extremely well on a leash. He is currently living with 3 cats and they adjusted very well to him and visa versa. He seems to have a little bit of trouble with other dogs, but we haven’t had much contact with them so I can’t really say much on that note. HE IS AMAZING WITH KIDS!

In all I would love to keep him, he really is such an amazing character for coming directly off the streets and from an abusive environment (he flinches at cylindrical objects, loud noises, tinfoil?, and he cannot be in the same room when you are using the oven). But I never expected to be getting such a large dog and therefore have no time or a big enough space to live.