Placement needed for Jazzee, a cat in Las Vegas, NV
Breed and description: American short hair tabby
Age of pet: 6
For more info, please call Rob Espindola at 702-534-6282 or email at robespindola@hotmail.com
Jazzee (female) came from a Foster family apparently abandoned and feral. Temp foster for me turned out to be a long-term engagement and partnership. Jazzee is mainly an outdoor cat in an HOA community. Jazzee (Miss Independence) refuses to stay locked up and is a sprayer when she doesn’t get her way. I let her come and go as she pleases; showing up at the door, window or slider, but unfortunately with a leash law for dogs, I can no longer manage her in the confines of the community. Hoping to find a non-HOA setting where she can continue to come and go as she pleases; she is a love bug and I hate to part with her, but it’s either that or sell the house and move; very difficult at age 65.