Placement needed for Johnny, a Male Cat in Las Vegas, NV
Breed and description: white and grey nice markings incredible blue eyes not sure of breed but part mini munchkin
Age of pet: unknown
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes
For more info, please call Beatrice Conner at 702-807-9053 or email at

My Ex husband abandoned his 4 cats. I took them to my house. I already have two cats leaving me a total of 6 cats and a dog. He left for his new life out of this country and I had to take them in. I am getting on in years and looking for homes for 2 of them. But just your services for Johnny, Please – Beautiful white cat with blue eyes. has shots and neutered.  Please help. It is too many pets and my home owners association code (limiting how many pets I can have). My phone number is 702-807-9053