Placement needed for Kenna, a Female Dog in North Las Vegas
Breed and description: Great Pyrenees
Age of pet: 7
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes
For more info, please call Diane Robbins at 7022746328 or email at

Kenna is 7yrs old, she is a really good dog, crate trained,(actually she loves her crate). She gets along well with other dogs, she has pretty much just been around my husband and I for most of her life. We are older now and live with my daughter with her 2 children and this is where the issue is. Kenna has been around my granddaughter who is nine but she understands that Kenna has her moods and sometimes does not want to be bothered. Now we have a new grandson who does not understand and Kenna is having to stay in our room a lot and not being able to be around my grandson because he wants to pull on her and I know that she will not react well and I don’t want to wait for something to happen for me to give her up.
I want her to be happy and enjoy her life and bless someone with her. She is very loving and just wants to be loved.