Placement needed for Koda, a Female Cat in Las Vegas, NV
Breed and description: Siamese/Maltese/Tabby. Mostly white with shades of gray. Striped tail. Blue eyes
Age of pet: 11yrs (April 24, 2008)
Shots: Yes
Fixed: Yes
For more info, please call Victoria at 702-688-2255 or email at vblyden24@gmail.com

Koda tends to act out when their are other animals around. She’s more of a lone cat. In the previous years She’s lived with dogs and other cats but mostly stays away or fights with them. She will pee on things that are left on the floor like, clothes, blankets, plastic bags, bags. If it smells dirty or like pee she will mark the area. As long as the area is cleaned she’ll just use her litter box. She also likes using the door frames as scratching posts. She is a Fur ball and you’ll take her everywhere you go. But aside from that she is quite loving and enjoys cuddling. She’ll sleep with you and put herself in between your legs. She might even try to hop in your lap while you go potty. She’s not a fan of belly rubs but she will let you pet her and she purrrrs.
I wish to find her a home with a loving family that’ll enjoy having her as a lap cat, doesn’t mind her hairballness, and has a less hectic and fast moving lifestyle than myself.
I have 2 jobs and im also expecting a baby. I’m not home as much to give her the attention she deserves. All I want is the best for her. Please help me find her a great home.