Placement needed for Nikkee, a Cat in LAS VEGAS, Nevada
Breed and description: American short hair tabby
Age of pet: 5.5-6years
For more info, please call Rob Espindola at 702-534-6282 or email at
Nikkee was an abandoned kitten from an evicted family within the community; no food no shelter and was following the morning walkers, so I took her on. Nikkee is more like a dog than a cat, she will be by your side and very territorial when it comes to me. She loves to be loved and loves to give love. Nikkee is indoor/outdoor cat, but prefers to stay close to home; not much wandering. As in the other cat posting regarding the HOA issue and the leash law,I am tired of fighting with the HOA and will either have to give Nikkee up or sell my house and move; very hard to do at 65.