Otis Kittens

Placement needed for 2 kittens in Glendale, AZ

Breed and description: Fluffy kittens, one grey and white, one tiger
Age of pets: 7 weeks
For more info, please call Laura at  (602) 475-1355 or Cali at (602) 403-9477.

Stray cat had kittens in May and abandoned them. They have been bottle fed and are good with people and other cats.

More info below photo.

“I had two stray cats that I had started to feed become pregnant. The first mommy abandoned 3 out of 4 of her kittens, which I nursed with kitten formula. I was able to find homes for two of those kittens. There are 2 left. They were born sometime in May. The second mommy had a litter of 7. She has stayed with her kittens. She will also need a home. Her litter is only 3 weeks old. So, that is a total of 9 kittens and 1 mommy cat that need a home ASAP. I am in Glendale, AZ but come to Phoenix, AZ regularly. My friend, Cali, is willing to drive a little bit to help me find homes for these kittens and mommy cat.

The older kittens have been handled by children, as I have four children myself. All of them have also been around another cat who is a fixed male. The two older kittens are litter boxed trained and ready to go to a home today. The mommy cat can be described as serious and will most likely do best around 1 or two calm people. She will be okay around other cats.

My phone number is: (602) 475-1355. My friend’s phone number is: (602) 403-9477. Please contact either one of us. ”