Placement needed for Peanut, a Cat in Las Vegas Nevada
Breed and description: Long haired domesticated
Age of pet: 6
For more info, please call Tina at 702-557-9892 or email at
I hate that I have to rehome Peanut but I have to move and will be living with my son who is very allergic to cats. I got him when he was a kitten so he is around 6 years old and he is neutered. He lived with another cat for 2 years so I know he gets along with other cats. And every time I have visitors he is always very friendly with them. Not sure about small children though because he has never been in contact with them. He is an indoor cat for the most part but does like to sit on the porch sometimes. He never goes any farther than that though. He doesn’t scratch on anything but his scratching post. And honestly I don’t think he’s ever been sick a day in his life. He is completely litter box trained. And he comes with all his stuff- large cat tree, cat carrier, food, litter. He is a very loving cat. He will sit on my lap for hours while I watch tv. Having to get rid of him is honestly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do so I really need to find a loving home. Please only contact me if you are serious about providing Peanut with a loving home. Thank you.